Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

How Great Organizations Create a Culture of Engagement

You can recognize an engaged organization from a mile away. Client service is on point, employees are proud, and most importantly the organization is beating their competition. You see it, you feel it, and you hear it. To these successful organizations employee engagement isn’t a plan or a management tactic. It is the company culture.
How Great Organizations Create a Culture of Engagement is a workshop developed exclusively to introduce how leaders can build a culture of engagement. This workshop is unique because it leverages Dale Carnegie’s research to provide you with specific ideas and insights that can help you make the most impact while developing a culture of engagement. Get the tools you need to drive employee engagement in your organization today!

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Who Should Attend

Human resources, senior leaders, and anyone responsible for departmental or organizational success.


At this workshop you will learn:
  • What employee engagement is and how it will positively impact your organization
  • An employer of choice model to attract and retain top talent, customers, and partners
  • Actions you must take to build pride in your organization and inspire high levels of performance





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